The Inner Energy Release Program

the inner energy release program

balance mind, body & soul. Reduce or eliminate Pain and Stress and so much more.

What is the Inner Energy Release Program?

The Inner Energy ReleaseTM Program is an effective and easy to use technique to help reduce or even free you completely of physical, emotional or mental pain, stress and imbalances or any negativity whatsoever. Whatever issue is going on in your life, whether it’s something new or has been going on for a long time, even if it’s physical, may have an negative energy component to it that your body is holding on to. These issues often come with a range of symptoms from anxiety, to stress, tension, pain, illness, disease, organ and endocrine imbalances, auto-immune disorders, behavioural or addiction issues, anger, fear, feelings of being stuck or overwhelmed, heartache, etc., even pain in the neck or shoulders! With the Inner Energy ReleaseTM Program, we can trace the negative energy disturbances that are causing disruption to your body back to certain events or trauma that happened in your life or even in another lifetime.

Surprisingly, even a recently diagnosed or felt disease or affliction or illness can actually stem from something that may have occurred years ago or as part of your hereditary lineage. It doesn’t matter whether you remember an original event or trauma or not, with the Inner Energy ReleaseTM Program we are bypassing your conscious mind and directly asking your subconscious, which is like a high tech computer system that stores all past information, and knows exactly what went on and at what age you were, or in what lifetime it was, or which ancestor the negative energy came from, etc. It detects negative energies and disturbances that went unprocessed and began storing in your Body, Mind and Spirit (sometimes for up to 50 years or more!) causing your current disharmony and symptoms.



Your feelings and circumstances count as well

Your feelings are at the heart of the matter and heart health counts! You are not what you are made of but you are what you went through especially concerning negative energy patterns rampaging your life.



example of how emotions can become trapped in your body. With the heart wall, you’ve put up a barrier to protect yourself from getting hurt by others. You might not have consciously done it, in fact this wall didn’t happen overnight, it was actually caused by trapped emotions that were built one layer at a time from a collection of negative experiences throughout your life. But it did all begin with one significant emotional event that could have started at any age. The emotion could have been picked up quite recently (for example during a bad breakup or witnessing an accident or losing someone) or more likely, the current emotional event has only triggered something from the past which can go as far back as when you were a teen, a small child, an infant, or even before. It might even have been inherited from your parents, grandparents or several generations back!  With the Emotion Code, once we detect where and why the body is holding on to something, it can be released once and for all.

When this release happens, it is because it has been brought to your awareness and finally processed. Releasing the emotion lifts it out of the body and lets it go. The best thing about the Emotion Code is how fast and efficient it is and how you really don’t need to re-live past traumatic experiences in order to free yourself of them. The fact that we use your subconscious mind to bypass your “emotional” mind and get to the root of the problem saves you from having to become intensely emotionally involved in the process. Even though it’s not necessary to actively participate, we do encourage you to be an observer and allow any intuitions, thoughts, memories, insights or feelings to come up freely as we go through this healing process. I am here to support and provide a safe and confidential healing space for you. I will listen to anything you’d like to talk about or be there to support your emotional feelings as they come up to help process the release of them. Not everyone does get emotional or feels like talking and you are not required to talk about anything you are uncomfortable with, but whether you decide to let it all out or keep things private, this therapy works either way because your body knows and decides what and when it’s ready to release!


This “stuck” energy is like a ball disrupting the bio-magnetic field in the body

How does the Emotion Code work?

The Emotion Code is a therapeutic technique that is safe, non-invasive, fast and effective. During the therapy we will be using kinesiology (or muscle testing) to find the answers from the subconscious mind and body, then we will be incorporating bio-magnetic therapy along the Governing Meridien, a major energy channel of the body in order to release the trapped energy. This “stuck” energy is like a ball of negative energy that disrupts the bio-magnetic field in the body affecting muscles, organs or other tissues in that area. Once an emotion is released related to a certain event, it is usually gone permanently. Rarely will it have to be done twice, although, from a separate incident, you can have that same type of emotion affect another area. For each issue or symptom there can be several emotions attached, and generally as each one lifts, you begin to feel lighter and less encumbered. The order in which the emotions are released from the body is decided by the subconscious mind according to its priority in healing the body. The body is what decides how much it will allow to be processed in one session. You can expect anywhere from three to ten emotions to be released from each session. Each issue or symptom may require one to four sessions to fully release all the emotions involved. Several issues could require several sessions (after all you may be dealing with a lifetime of experiences plus all those you inherited!) but not always, sometimes once the main issues are cleared up all the rest will quickly follow. In pets and children there are often only a few emotions trapped and major issues can sometimes be resolved in just one session. In any case, with each session you should feel significantly better, so if you decided to do even just one it would be beneficial.

What can you expect coming out of this session?

Clients feel lighter, freer, and sometimes symptoms are just gone

Clients almost always feel different coming out of it. Usually they feel a lot lighter and freer, but often times whatever symptoms they have that were attached to those emotions whether it was physical pain or mental anxiety for example, will be greatly alleviated or possible even disappear altogether. This happens because once these invasive energies have been lifted from the body, it unblocks or lifts away the stagnant or disruptive energy field in that part of the body and once that’s lifted the body is free to go back into harmony. The human body has an incredible inbred ability to balance and heal itself when given the chance, so this is really just giving it the opportunity to do so. The amount of relief or disappearance of symptoms will depend on how many emotions are “stuck” in your body, how many sessions you have (sometimes it only takes one to make a dramatic difference!) and how easily your body is willing to bounce back!


The Emotion Code is safe to use for the whole family including seniors, adults, teens, kids, babies and pets! It can also be used for challenged individuals (such as mobile challenged, attention challenged, socially challenged, etc. and even for coma victims).

33526701 - multi generation family on countryside walk

It can be used for teens, kids and even pets!

The Emotion Code can be used safely in person with a certified Practitioner or by phone and is ideal for the whole family including seniors, adults, teens, kids and even pets! It works very well on pets with behavioural  problems and equally as well on babies and kids who have learning difficulties, behaviour issues, or are fearful, have anxiety, etc. Additionally it can be done with challenged individuals (such as mobile challenged, attention challenged, socially challenged, etc. and coma victims) without them even being there. Permission is asked for from the individual if they are above seven years old, or from the parent or caretaker if they are younger or incapacitated. If no one is available we can ask their higher self for permission. Permission to work on pets in done through the owner and of course from the pet (even though they may not be able give us an answer they still like to be acknowledged!).

The way it works with pets is that you can serve as their surrogate, meaning that I do not have to work directly on them. We have them near by and hold the intention of entering into their energy field for the purpose of healing for their highest good.

For babies and young children under the age of seven, or for other challenged individuals unable to participate (it works anywhere from autistic kids to coma victims), it can work the same way: you become a surrogate for that person by holding them in your lap or holding their hand or being close to them and I will be proxy to release the trapped emotion from their body.

Is the Emotion Code right for you?

The emotion code helps get your back life to normal

  • Chronic physical pain, disorder or disease
  • Neck, shoulder and back pain
  • Anyone feeling stuck
  • Getting over a breakup or a loss
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Wanting to get rid of bad habits
  • Tired or unmotivated
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Easily stressed
  • Feeling like you don’t fit in
  • Would like to become more organized
  • Would like to motivate themselves to earn more money
  • Would like to change careers
  • Unable to get over a fear
  • Anxiety or often worried
  • Specific phobias
  • Dealing with any kind of pain whether emotional, mental or physical
  • Getting over a recent or long ago trauma
  • ODD
  •  Feeling negative or taking it out on others
  • Getting over an illness or injury
  • Going through a difficult time
  • Dealing with a breakup
  • Dealing with a death
  • Financial setbacks
  • Trying to lose weight
  • Feeling lonely or like you don’t belong
  • and so much more!


How often should you have an Energy Code session?

Long term effects can be seen as early as the first session, but several sessions are ideal for slowly and gently unraveling and releasing years of build up stored emotions in the body that may have been subconsciously holding you back in life. I suggest a package of four sessions, especially if you suspect you might have a heart wall!

What does it cost?

An Energy Code session is $80 and lasts approximately one hour. Once you have your first session, each subsequent session is $80 per hour or $50 per half hour, or you can do 4 x one hour sessions: $70 each (total of $280).*

There are also Gift Cards available so you can give the gift of love and energy to one of your family members, friends, associates or even a gentle nudge to your boss, neighbour, business partner, wife/husband, kids or mother-in-law (yes father-in-laws are perfect!).*

*All gift cards and packages are valid for one year from date of purchase.

Distance Healing – it’s an amazing therapy to do by distance in your own home. This works by proxy or surrogate,  in other words, as you give me permission to enter your energy field, we are then connected temporarily during the healing session. You can follow along as I guide you via phone, video chatting or Skype. As we are all made of energy and energy is not restricted by time or space, this does work. For more information, inquire through our Contact form!

*All gift cards and packages are valid for one year from date of purchase.

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All treatments, including massage, are non-sexual in nature and are for the purpose of relaxation only. My services do not replace medical care or advice. Please see your Medical or Naturopathic Physician when in doubt.

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