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"The environment is soothing, the massages are relaxing and Sara is very personable. The best massage/healing experiences I've ever had. Four months of nerve pain throughout my body had kept me from going to work. These medically unexplainable pains disappeared shortly after one energy session. I was skeptical at first about "energy work" but during the first session I noticed Sara would move to the aggravated areas on my body without me having to mention it. It was an eye opening experience and I would encourage anyone with an open mind to try it out. I always feel exhausted but so very deeply relaxed after an energy session."

Steven April 20, 2015

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"Sara's energy work was amazing. I have a long term problem in my neck which makes sleep and daily life difficult but after one session, I was pain free for almost 3 weeks! I've seen quite a few massage therapists and she was by far the best. Great gal too! :)"

Ashley April 23, 2015

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"I have serious arthritis in my knee which has been much worse since surgery, I was amazed at the immediate decrease in pain, swelling and range of motion after a one hour session with Sara! She is truly gifted at her craft and very knowledgable in pressure points.

I have had many medical treatments and medications that have not had this kind of bennifit. I am not cured and never will be however I am impressed at the relief one treatment has shown.
Highly recommend."

Connie December 23, 2015

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"Sara is a superb natural healer. She has excellent massage skills and other interesting healing attributes. I have been going to Sara for four years and have always been pleased with my results. Her Wellness Programme got me started on proper eating habits and healthier living exercises. She is well worth consulting if you are in pain...or need a massage ...or advice. "

Laurie March 28, 2016

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"I’m quite happy with the experience of, and the progress from, the sessions with Sara.  In fact, I am still trying to process that my neck has been pretty much pain free and  limber since that first visit. It really is a remarkable difference, considering how many years it has been painful and how many different treatments I have tried.  I’ve enjoyed relaxation from previous treatments & massages, but never any appreciable pain relief or increase in mobility.  Frankly I’m amazed, even if, a little confused.  I suppose it’s an analytical fault in me, but I somehow feel the need to process & rationalize the unknown. On Friday I reached a level of relaxation (consciousness, if you will) that I have only ever come close to, during past meditations, some time ago.  Hey... I may not  understand it all, but I’ll take it!".

Ken March 28, 2016