Neck Pain-Free and Limber since the First Visit

March 28, 2016

“I’m quite happy with the experience of, and the progress from, the sessions with Sara.  In fact, I am still trying to process that my neck has been pretty much pain free and  limber since that first visit. It really is a remarkable difference, considering how many years it has been painful and how many different treatments I have tried.  I’ve enjoyed relaxation from previous treatments & massages, but never any appreciable pain relief or increase in mobility.  Frankly I’m amazed, even if, a little confused.  I suppose it’s an analytical fault in me, but I somehow feel the need to process & rationalize the unknown. On Friday I reached a level of relaxation (consciousness, if you will) that I have only ever come close to, during past meditations, some time ago.  Hey… I may not  understand it all, but I’ll take it!”.