Spa Facial

Soothing Spa and Acupressure Facials

Soothing Spa Facial with Hot and Cold Stones – Delicate warm and cold stones are used to both sooth and invigorate your skin as you enjoy this 10 step classic spa facial process that involves organic skin care products and plenty of pampering and attention to detail! While waiting for the deep cleansing Mask to penetrate, your Hands and Feet will be massaged. Warm soothing wet towels will gently wipe all residue away and the process will be finished off with a silky smooth, eye gel, organic face lotion and brightener.

Soothing Spa Facial with Hot and Cold Stones Pricing – $95 for 1 hour or $130 for 1.5 hours including hand and foot massage*.



Acupressure Spa Facial with Aura Reading

Enjoy both the classic spa facial with organic products and hot and cold stone therapy combined with invigorating use of Acupressure points on your face that will rejuvenate and make you feel like a new person. This treatment also includes a Hand, Foot, Shoulder, Neck and Scalp Massage if desired.

Acupressure Spa Facial with Aura Reading Pricing – $95 for 1 hour or $130 for 1.5 hours.*

*All gift cards and packages are valid for one year from date of purchase.

For more information about how you can learn about Intuitive Energy Healing, or have a Reiki Chakra Balancing done either In Person or by Distance for you, your kids or your Pets or Plants, please click on the links in blue (above). You can also leave your information in the contact us area. Or, feel free to text me at 250-203-1669 for a session or free 20 minute consult or use our Easy online booking calendar. Click Book Now.

All treatments, including massage, are non-sexual in nature and are for the purpose of relaxation only. My services do not replace medical care or advice. Please see your Medical or Naturopathic Physician when in doubt.

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