Massage Has More Health Benefits Than Just Relaxation

Hi everybody,

I thought I’d like to share a letter with you that a client of mine recently wrote. It’s good to know that sometimes my work goes deeper than just relaxation.

All the best,

Sara Barbot

Inner Energy Health and Wellness



Dear Sara,


I want to thank you for the massage session you gave me on Saturday.

I feel that you have corrected a problem that the doctors could not diagnose and have given me back my right leg.


I have been struggling with an undiagnosed problem with my leg for 6 months. Previous to that I was healthy and fit and loved to hike and bike. For the last 6 months I have only been able to walk about a block before pain and/or cramping and swelling in my leg develops and sends me home – to the couch. It has felt like my right leg has had a life of its own. I haven’t been able to predict when it would co-ordinate efforts with the rest of my body, when it would have random cramping, knee swelling. Going down a flight of stairs was frightening because I didn’t have the control or the strength to manoeuvre. And that control was missing when attempting to sit on a chair or toilet. I had to use the “crash landing” method. Thankfully, for most of this time I have been able to ride my bike so I have maintained some leg strength.


Yesterday, the day following my session with you was the first day in months that I felt my body was complete. I walked, dug up the garden, went up and down stairs with ease and felt like my right leg was finally co-operating with the rest of my body.


Sara, your massage which seemed to combine different modes of therapy, opened up some sort of energy channels that had somehow been blocked. I am a health professional and this is not the sort of language I would normally use. But the medical system failed me where your hands and expertise have not.


And I thank you. Profusely.




Kathy Cullen