Kids Healing is All-Important in this Day and Age

Oh what joy! Who doesn’t love a good kid who is happy and self confident?! A child who is knowledgable about his or her own self importance in a non-egoistical kind of way is one that thrives in this day and age. Good self-esteem is so important when bringing kids up because high self-confidence is a sign that your kids are developing progressively, mentally and psychologically. If there is ever a time to help them out with Intuitive Energy Healing, it’s now, with so much “noise” and “visual” pollution in our environment.

Why not sit down with your kid today and find out how they are feeling and how they feel they fit into the World? You’d be surprised at how eager they will be to talk, especially when things haven’t been going so well or they’re feeling down or overwhelmed. As a parent, it is so easy to let slide under the table our kids’ sad or agitated demeanour, as we are all so busy with our every day life. But the important thing to remember is that it is absolutely worth it to take the time and listen to them.

If your kid is out of sorts, and there is no way to get through to him or her, then I would suggest doing an activity together to help them relax and unwind as you gently ease them into a conversation that could start off like this:

If you were a Prince Toad and I were an average everyday Frog, would you squash me because you were bigger and more powerful than me?

If they say yes, then it’s time to have a talk. You could continue on with:

Or would you get to know who I am and treat me with decency and respect even though I am littler and lower on the totem pole than you are?

This is just one example of how to “play act” with your kids so that they can learn how to do role reversals, which helps them to reflect a little deeper. From there, it becomes a little easier for them to grasp the concept about respecting others and respecting themselves through Self-empowerment. Being Self-Empowered means that you are strong enough to allow others into your life and pay attention to and respect them while at the same time maintaining your Integrity and true Harmonious Moral and Spiritual values.

A Spiritual value is so important to a child’s growth and maturation because it determines their overall perception of life. This applies not only to everyday life, but also to Life as a Whole. With a greater perspective on life, kids develop a keener sense of responsibility not only towards their lives, but also globally towards the Earth and Mankind’s Balance and Integrity. Eventually, with kids growing into mature young adults, they can work together with Society towards a Global sense of Energetic Balance, where things really can change for the Greater Good of All.

Not only that, but Spiritually we are not alone in the Universe and there is a great deal of Higher Evolved Consciousness ready and eager to help us out. In this way, kids learn that they are not alone in the World no matter what. They can count on a bigger more Universal System to support them throughout their Lifetime.

Read tomorrow’s blog for more information on Energy Healing and Resonance.

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