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From moody blues to jumping for joy!

From moody blues to jumping for joy!

This time of year is what some of you like to call November, some Movember, but I like to call it Mope-ember because many of us are stuck moping around in gloomy weather and an even gloomier mood. Well Halloween may be over, but I still have a few tricks up my sleeve as to how to get rid of bleakness in the saddest months of the year. Four of the modalities I use in my practice with clients to help combat fall blues are: Massage, Acupressure / Trigger Point Therapy, Energy Healing and Chakra Balancing and Emotional Freedom Technique.  

Well this may seem like a strange combination, they actually work quite well, either as separate modalities or combined as part of a comprehensive therapy treatment to send you into a more positive state of Body, Mind and Spirit.

While Massage is the most self-explanatory, what some people don’t realize is that not only does it get rid of aches, pains, tension and stress, it is also excellent therapy for circulation and mood boosting as the body’s supine (face up position) and prone (face down position) as well as the stimulative body strokes both deep and more surface (lymphatic drainage) helps encourages blood flow and oxygenation of the entire body including the brain and helps get rid of toxins that may actually be making us feel bad as well as invigorate all the organ systems to function optimally. As well, you just can’t beat human touch as a mood booster.

The second modality, Acupressure / Trigger Point Therapy is similar to Acupuncture but there are no needles involved so it is far less invasive. In fact it can be quit gentle and often first-timers won’t even know it’s happening except that they’ll feel different parts of their body releasing or they’ll just start to feel overly relaxed and may even fall asleep. For others more sensitive to it, it’s sometimes feels like pressure being put on a point and because your Acupressure points lay on Meridens along the body – streams of energy that connect the organ systems together much like your circulatory or nervous system except they are invisible to the scientific camera, those points can be more tender to the touch. The points are only held for one to two minutes each and often in combinations. What’s kind of neat is that you can actually feel the points go from being blocked (hey we all hold tension in the shoulders!) to sinking in and releasing. Many clients go away wondering why they’ve never heard of this before! Anyhow, along with many, many ways Acupressure can be used, including pain and tension relief and acute and chronic conditions, it can also be used to boost your immune system and rid you of anxiety and stress, replacing it with a sense of well-being.

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Energy Healing and Chakra Balancing is the third type of modality that really helps with feeling down in the dumps. What better way to feel fully yourself than to balance your Yin and Yang (the feminine and the masculine), align and re-instate proper functioning to your Chakras, get your Kundalini pumping and be worked on through your uplifting Higher or Soul Self and the Angelic Realm? Not to mention expanding, correcting and protecting your Aura from all sorts of imbalances and other negative energies including human energy vampires (you know those people who you can’t be around for more than 10 minutes before you start feeling like they are draining your energy). Energy Healing and Chakra Balancing includes a wide range of session types, but basically it comes down to setting your intention, getting in touch with your own intuition, asking Mother Earth and Father Sun/Universe/God to help ground, center, balance, heal and bring you energy and well-being. Whether or not you believe in Reiki, Healing Touch or any other forms of Energy Medicine, doesn’t really matter. What’s important is how you feel afterwards. Some people can actually feel sensations, energy movement, fluttering, colours, memory flashes, visions, etc., others just have a sense of connection and well-being. The nice thing about energy medicine is that it is all about raising your vibrational level and balancing your body, mind and spirit. It can be done here in my office, or via distance while you’re relaxed at home in your own bed (or chair).

And the fourth modality that I use on clients especially around this time of the year is Emotional Freedom Technique or more commonly known as Tapping, ADMR or Energy Psychology, is a way to tap into anything that causes you stress or anxiety or any number of emotions or physical pains or issues and neutralize the pain/emotions attached to them. Either sitting upright or laying down, whichever you feel most comfortable with, this therapy is more than just seeing a therapist/counsellor – it uses gentle guidance where you can talk about what’s bothering you or just think about it internally if you prefer to keep it private (it works just as effectively), and then using tapping on specific acupressure or trigger points along the body to neutralize it. Once neutralized (it sends a chemical message to your brain/body) then affirmations can be brought in to reinforce a positive reaction that truly resonate with you on a subconscious level.

You can use if for anything from general stress to a specific issue that keeps coming up that you can’t seem to get rid of. For example if you notice, or if other people tell you, that you over-react or that you get angry each time something happens… or let’s say you had a traumatic experience and every time something reminds you of that you automatically get panicky. Or you feel wounded when people don’t listen to you… etc. It works on physical pain too. You can also use it to get in touch with your higher self or deeper intuition or even to re-enforce positive action (ie to sell more product or services or to increase your performance. These are just some examples of common issues EFT can help you with. It is actually a fantastic therapy because it works on both acute (recent) and chronic (long term) issues and it lets you be in charge to say as little or as much about a subject as you like…

EFT is similar to the onion effect, by starting to peel back one layer at a time we can start by what’s bothering you today and work back towards the root cause that may have taken place in your childhood or even before. Like with Energy Healing/Chakra Balancing, EFT can be done here in the office or via distance while lying or sitting comfortably at home. The only difference is that at home you’d do the tapping while I would do the energy work.

Hope this gives you some good ideas to combat those Mope-ember moods. For more info or if you’d like a gift card to give to someone special this Christmas, don’t hesitate to contact me via call or text: 250-203-1669 or just fill in our Contact Me box and your message will be sent! If you’d like to book directly online, here’s the Book Online Calendar.

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