Hawaiian Coconut Lime Body Scrub with Massage & Energy Healing

Hawaiian Coconut Lime Sugar Body Scrub with Massage & Energy Healing

The Hawaiian Coconut Lime Sugar Body Scrub with Massage & Energy Healing uses a Coconut oil and Lime and Raw Brown Sugar for it’s scrub. For the massage portion we use a natural deep moisturizing Hawaiian Kukui Nut Oil lotion with vanilla bean, coconut oil, macadamia nut, Shea butter and tropical scents. Finally, you will enjoy an Energy Healing session.


A Peaceful Body Scrub to Invigorate Your Soul

salt and sugar scrub


Lay back, relax and indulge with this Body Scrub as you are covered from head to foot in Hawaiian Sugar Scrub. it cleanses, oxygenates and invigorates your skin leaving it squeaky clean and ready for your Deep Relaxation Massage and Energy Healing which is included with the price.



So why not indulge in a Hawaiian Coconut Lime Sugar Body Scrub?

If you can’t get to Hawaii, why not let Hawaii come to you? You will feel like you’re in a tropical paradise with scents of coconut and tropical flowers as you are pampered and cared for during this exhilarating full Body Scrub, Massage and Energy Healing. Laying down, head resting on a pillow, warm and comfy, we’ll start off with covering you from head to toes in a Hawaiian lime-coconut body scrub, thoroughly cleansing the skin. Then we will use wet hot towels to wipe down your body. We’ll then have you hop into the shower to get completely squeaky clean if you like, or simply towel you off and change the sheets. This is followed by a full body massage using Natural Deep Moisturizing Hawaiian Kukui Nut Oil lotion with Vanilla Bean, Coconut Oil, Macadamia Nut, Shea Butter and Tropical Scents and for finishing it off, we’ll do a mini Energy Healing session on you, probably reading your Aura to see what’s up with your Body, Mind and Soul.

Aaah! Now all you’ll need is a Blue Hawaii drink in your hand and you’ll be set for your mini-vacation… no kids please!


What Does it Cost?

Hawaiian Body Scrub Pricing is $130* for a one and a half hour body scrub/massage including products, warm cloths and hand and foot rub.

*All gift cards and packages are valid for one year from date of purchase.



Dead Sea Salt Scrub


*All gift cards and packages are valid for one year from date of purchase.

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