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A Free 20 minute consultation for your Health and Well-being

I’d I would be happy to have you come in for a free 20 minute consultation. Just click on the Online Calendar Link and scroll down to select Free Consultation, then choose your date and time to come in for your session. Once you come in you’ll find it a safe, genuine and nurturing place where we can sit down together, go over your concerns and review what’s happening with your Health and Well-being. I can give you my opinions and together we can come up with some ideas for Treatments and Lifestyle suggestions that might help.

Together we can look at the options and get you started on the path to a becoming Healthier, more Well Balanced you. Because deeper healing happens from the inside out and understanding that life’s challenges are often rooted deeper than you think, talking helps to free yourself to move forward. Gentle guidance, understanding and support will go a long way to help with healing, letting go and making changes. These will be things that we can do that we can work on together and on your own.


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*All gift cards and packages are valid for one year from date of purchase.

For more information about how you can learn about Intuitive Energy Healing, or have a Reiki Chakra Balancing done either In Person or by Distance for you, your kids or your Pets or Plants, please click on the links in blue (above). You can also leave your information in the contact us area. Or, feel free to text me at 250-203-1669 for a session or free 20 minute consult or use our Easy online booking calendar. Click Book Now.

All treatments, including massage, are non-sexual in nature and are for the purpose of relaxation only. My services do not replace medical care or advice. Please see your Medical or Naturopathic Physician when in doubt.

To order or for more information, click on the blue contact button on the left, or call or text Sara at 250-203-1669 or email at ! :) You can also use the online booking calendar to set your appointments.

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