Earth and Person Energy Distance Healing

Earth and Person Energy Healing
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When the Earth is at #Peace, there is a sense of #Tranquility in all of us. It is a known fact that the Earth has Healing qualities for Human Beings. It’s not just that Mother Nature graces us with her extraordinary gift to Heal her own Fauna and Fora, but that she has a remarkable gift to Heal Mankind as well. It’s sad, though, that there is such a disruption of man-made pollution in the Earth’s atmospheric field and the saddest of all is that man is not paying attention to what he is doing. With all the consumption going on, there is reason to believe that there is a danger of the Earth losing her precious ability to Heal and correct her Resources. Because people are caring less about all the dumping they are doing, Mother Earth is not able to keep up her healing of it. However, if Humankind would clean up it’s act, then the Earth would have a chance to balance itself and all of us would benefit from her Healing qualities.

With Energy Healing Medicine, you can heal from the inside out in a subtle, yet extraordinary way. The manner in which I work with the Earth while Healing People, either at my clinic in Person, or by Distance Healing, is by working with the Five Elements. This is one of many techniques that I use. I use the Elements of Water, Earth, Wood, Fire and Metal. These Elements aren’t used literally, but through a Vibrations kind of Natural (like Homeopathy) Medicine that I place on Trigger Points along the body or that I intend in those areas. The power of Intention is just like doing it itself, sometimes even more so. I also use the invisible Pathways, referred to as Meridiens of the Body, to to Heal. There are 12 main branches of these Meridiens along the Body that correlate with the Organ Systems. These Vital Organ Systems are linked together in streams of Energy and it is through these streams of Energy that you can Heal just about anything you can think of. These flows of Energy are similar to the Energy that Mother Earth uses to assimilate good Health.

It is in using these Five Elements in my clinic that I am able to balance the Body’s innate sense of Healing itself. There has been no time like the present to give the World a helping hand as a Energy Healer. As a Distance Energy Healer, it’s easy for me to work with a person from their own home. I can’t imagine what it must be like for people to have to live with these kind of dis-eases or disharmony in the Body, I can help people overcome any kind of illness ranging from skin inflictions to migraine headaches. Using the Five Elements, along with other Healing Techniques, such as the Inner Energy Release TM,  I am able to strengthen the body while at the same time Energizing and Calming it. With Energy Healing Medicine, you can heal from the inside out in a subtle, yet extraordinary way.  I am equipped to not only Heal people, but also Animals and Plants as well as our Planet Earth with it’s Oceans and Waterways. We are in desperate need of it Worldwide.

It is a type of treatment that deserves mentioning because not only does it Heal from the inside out, it soothes the Soul as well. Not many people know about this type of Energy Medicine yet, but I have challenged the Stars of Hollywood to begin a quest for their own Health and Wellness through Natural Healing Techniques such as this.

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