Mind-Body-Soul Energy Medicine Balancing Session

energy medicine Balancing to relax your body, mind and soul

Mind-Body-Soul Energy Medicine Balancing$85 for 1 hour or $120 for 1.5 hours or 4 sessions of one hour for $80 each = $320 or 8 sessions of one hour for $70 = $560 or 4 sessions of one and a half hours for $110 each = $440 or 8 sessions for one and a half hour for $100 = $800*

*Packages and gift cards are valid for one year from date of purchase.

Mind-Body-soul energy medicine Balancing Session

With your body relaxed and at peace, the mind-body balancing encourages your inner
wisdom to connect fully with the inner energy of your body and mind. This
gentle synchronizing of body, mind and spirit helps to dissolve emotional and physical
blocks and re-nourish the body-mind-spirit connection. Through working on all levels of your energetic being: the Physical, the Chakra system and in the Auric field as well as through balancing left/right side of the body and left/right side of the brain a gentle energetic reconnection can be made that will allow for better flow of the way you think, feel and function. By subtly connecting with your innate heart-mind and energetically asking your body-spirit connection (instead of your brain) what’s going on with it, we can bring the imbalance into awareness and allow you to heal, harmonize and re-invigorate your whole system. 1 hour for $85 or 1.5 hours for $120

The body system

This is a hands on and off process that is like Reiki, but more in depth as we work on several body systems, to encourage each to function at their optimal level. We work on the different body systems including: the Skeletal system, the Muscle system, the Blood system, the Nervous system, the Breathing system, the Lymph system, the Hormone system, the Digestive system, the Urinary system, the Endocrine system and the Immune system.

The body Organs

We also work on the organ systems themselves including: the Brain, the Heart, the Lungs, the Aorta, the Gallbladder, the Liver, the Adrenal glands, the Pelvic system, the Esophagus, the Stomach, the Spleen, the Pancreas, the Kidneys, and the Bladder.

For this procedure, we will start by working on the brain and balancing the left brain and the right brain. Ideally, and according to time, we also work on the different parts of the brain: the Cerebral Cortex, the Right and Left Hemispheres, the Corpus Callosum (which connects left and right hemispheres), the Hypothalamus, the Pituitary Gland, the Thalamus, the Brain Stem itself along with the Spinal Cord, as well as the Cerebellum and the Amygdala

Chakra System

In addition, we work on your Chakra system. The Chakra system is a relay team between your physical well-being and environmental factors including who you communicate with (energy vampires do exist!) what radiates in front and around you like the hydro and electrical systems, your computer screen and many other noise and energy polluters, as well as Mother Nature and it’s healing affects: birds chirping, cats purring, water flowing, the wind, the oceans ebbs and tides, the moon, sunshine and our planetary alignment to name a few.

As for the Chakra system, there are seven main levels of energy centres which correlate with the different parts of your body as well as your emotional and mental well-being. The Chakra system is made up of the Root chakra at the base of your spine, the Sacral chakra where your bladder is, your Solar Plexus chakra where your belly is, your Heart chakra where your heart, your Throat chakra where your throat is, Your Third eye chakra between your eyebrows where your pineal gland is, and your Crown chakra, at the centre top of your head. Energies from the chakras affect the auras and size and colour of them. The Chakras, like the Physical layer of your Aura have to do with your physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Auric Field

We also work on your Auric Field surrounding your body. This is like your second body, or a holograph of your body that radiates energy outwards from your physical body. We are all made of energy, vibrating at a cellular level so that we appear solid, but vibrating nevertheless. When you break it down, we are made up of body systems, organ systems, tissues and cells and energy. Or, further broken down, human beings are made out of four elements: oxygen, carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen, with approximately 80% of that being water. The energy portion that makes up the body, mind and spirit is based not only on physical energy sources but also on “Universal” energy sources.

In the Aura we can work “Universally” through layers of energetic fields. The seven main layers, also known as the subtle bodies, contain different information in each. All of the layers relate to the physical, emotional, and spiritual shape you are. The seven layers of your Aura are: The Etheric body or Physical layer, the Emotional body, the Mental body, the Astral body, the Etheric template and the Celestial body. These layers match up with the Chakra system, which is similar to, but different from your Aura.

To further break the Aura layers down:

The Etheric body or Physical layer

This layer of your aura is closest to the body, reverberating about half an inch to two inches outwards from you. This aura section relates to the Root chakra and carries with it knowledge of our body systems, organ systems, tissues and cells, as well as the meridians which we also work on. All of this relates to our health and feelings of safety and security.

the Emotional body

Next in the Aura is the Emotional body. This layer reaches out from two to four inches from your body like an egg shape. It is connected to the Sacral chakra, which is also connected to your feelings, emotions and sex drive. This emotional reflection of you can hold keys to why we get so emotional, reflective or unsettled. The basic emotions in this layer relate to fear, resentment and being alone, but they also relate to freedom, creativity and endless possibilities and energy. Physical pain such as cramping and upset tummy can be caused by the emotional tensions in this Aura layer.

the Mental body

Layer number three is the Mental body which extends four to eight inches from the body. It’s related to the Solar plexus chakra which represents how we think. This includes our belief systems, intelligence, logic, and rationalization. This is where are will-power resides and where our will to live and be counted manifests. We can often go adrift at this level because of confusion or overwhelm in our life.

the Astral body

The next layer is an interesting one because the Astral body is a bridge between the human condition and the Universal source of All that Is. It radiates eight to twelve inches from the body and relates to the Heart chakra. This layer is extremely important to integrate into our consciousness and expand into the other Realms of being. It ensures that we will have a sense of not only love for and from others, but also love for ourselves. This is pertinent to your health and well-being and balance in life.

the Etheric template

Continuing in the layers, the Etheric Template emanates about twelve to twenty-four inches from our body. It relates to the Throat Chakra. The Throat chakra is all about self-belief and thinking clearly about yourself and your goals. It is about speaking out for yourself and standing up. Communication and creativity are a relevant part of this chakra. We start to get into the spiritual dimensions here, with the physical body being projected into the Spiritual Realms.

the Celestial body

The next layer in the Aura is the Celestial body. It extends twenty-four to thirty-six inches from the body. This is a very important field to tap into and has everything to do with remaining in a spiritual state of being. It is where the subconscious and physical mind connects with the Universal Source of All that Is. Yogis and people who meditate a lot are better able to access this deeper state of consciousness and experience a deep-rooted connection to a bigger “playing” field then what they are normally used to. By working predominantly in this field, after having worked through the other lower layers, we hope to help our clients achieve this state of being or at least feel a sense of greater connection.


Moving to the final layer of the basic Aura system, the Ketheric template, is thirty-six to sixty inches away from the body. Here, we are well within the Spiritual Realms and working on a bigger and brighter cause. This seventh layer of the Aura connects with the seventh layer of the Chakra system, called the Crown chakra as well as with ally layers of the Chakra system and even encompasses our Spiritual blueprint.

The Ketheric template is really a template of “God’s” or the “Universal Source’s” plan in a way. It is essential to life on Earth and the Human Being. It connects all of your soul’s resources, energetic and physical systems and boundaries through time, space and dimension. The better the person’s Ketheric Template energetically holds itself together, the better the Universal outcome for all! This is where the expression that one stone dropped in the Pond can create a ripple affect so big that it resonates throughout the Ocean. This is true of the Ketheric template. The more we have confidence in the fact that we are not alone and we do affect the Universe with everything that we feel, say and do, the more we will be in charge of our Earth being healthy again as well as ourselves.

We continue to gain good health

The work we do with your Body Organs, your Body Systems, your Meridians, your Chakra System and your Auric Field all contribute to your health and well-being at a Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual level. They are all integrated into one big energy centre so to speak so that we can do a lot of the work through the mind-body-spirit connection at a cellular level and as a whole.

Logistically, we do the work in the following order: We will begin by sweeping the body physically from head to toe. This grounds your body and gets a reading for the overall tension it holds. It also gives us a layout of the body’s musculature and bone structure and the heat level of the different organ systems and body areas. Additionally, it allows us to connect with you as a client to reassure you that you are in good hands.

Next we energetically sweep the Aura from head to toe, reading the Chakras and the Auric field systems to get an idea where to begin. We usually start by centring and balancing the Chakra systems in a rudimentary way. For complete Chakra Balancing with Crystal layouts or with Tuning Forks, you can book these sessions separately for a more thorough re-connecting of your Chakra system.

The next step is a combing of the Auric field. We take our time here to make sure we are able to view and placate all of the different areas within the energetic systems. We will first work on holes and blockages within the general Auric areas.

After that, we begin work on the physical level through the Auric field and the Root Chakra. This healing work starts on the Physical or Etheric layer and through it we will work on the Brain, the Body Systems and the Organ Systems individually.

Once the physical elements are worked on that need to be immediately addressed, we will then proceed to work on every level of the Aura starting with the emotional layer of the Auric field and working through all layers of the field. Through theses seven layers, and using multiple connections between Universal Source and the Human Body, we will be able to read, heal and integrate all parts of the body-mind-spirit connection making for an interesting and enlightening session!

Working with all these areas and resources of the Outer Realms, there is a kind of sanctuary for your body that it will experience when it’s ready, usually after several sessions of Energy work being done. Some people are hyper sensitive to their bodies and will pick up subtle forms of energy healing as it happens. Others will only sense that there is heat in the body or that there are flutters or that there is just a shift happening with a sense of well-being.

Whatever state you are in, you can move towards good health and well-being by first drinking lots of water, exercising regularly, eating healthy, nutrient filled whole foods and by meditation. After that, there is much Energy work to be done at all the different levels, including, perhaps to begin with, massage to relax your body and mind and get it ready for all the Energetic Healing ahead!

We would suggest the TOTAL WELLNESS PACKAGE as a great way to begin to nurture, heal and re-invigorate yourself.

Mind-Body Balancing – $85 for 1 hour or $120 for 1.5 hours*

*All gift cards and packages are valid for one year from date of purchase.

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