Choose one of these relaxing massages to melt away stress, tension, aches and pains

Any of these relaxing massages will melt away stress, tension, aches and pains and improve overall health. Prices listed are for one session. If you’d like to save money by purchasing a package of 4, please scroll to bottom on page.

Deep Relaxation Massage – $85 for 1 hr – $120 for 1.5 hrs – $55 for 1/2 hr*


Indulge with this Deeply Relaxing Oil Massage with essential oil aromatherapy. This is an all over body massage that melts away stress, tension and fatigue and leaves you with a soothing sense of total peace and tranquility. Unwind and enjoy this full body massage to balance the body, mind and spirit.

Enjoy a Deep Relaxation Massage for your health and well-being. A soothing Holistic massage is an ancient method of healing that not only relieves stress and muscle tension in the back, shoulders, neck, hips and legs, arms, hands and feet, but also helps with circulation and energy flow through all parts of the body including all our organ systems. It clears the lymphatic system for better drainage and releases toxins from the body. By recognizing that illness and stress affects not only our physical but also our emotional, spiritual and mental well-being, holistic massage allows the body’s natural healing abilities to balance the entire body, mind and spirit as a whole.


Deep Tissue Massage – $85 for 1 hr – $120 for 1.5 hrs – $55 for 1/2 hr*

shoulder blades massagePersonalized to fit you, this Deep Tissue Massage can be an overall body massage or we can work on specific areas/issues. Sooth away stiff and sore muscles, stress and tension using oil massage and deeper more therapeutic techniques for full relaxation and health benefits.

From gentle to deep pressure, Deep Tissue Massage helps with circulation, tension release, sore and aching muscles and most importantly to ward off stress and boost your immune systemespecially with a busy work load and cold season coming on. It’s also been known to help with many chronic conditions such as MS; Fibromyalgia; Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes; Arthritis; and Weight Problems, etc.  (1 hour session: $85 / 4 x 1 hour sessions: $80/session)*


Hot Stone Massage – $130 for 1.5 hrs or $95 for 1 hour*

You’ve never had a Hot Stone Massage like this one! Large West Coast Stones are placed along either side of your spine and used to absorb the heat slowly into your back with medium to firm pressure. Warm oil is massaged all over your body followed by a wipe down with hot wet towels. Relax and enjoy!

So good during the cold winter months! This hour and a half full body massage allows you to enjoy both a massage and a luxurious hot stone treatment! Large West Coast River Stones are heated to just the right temperature and placed on your back all the way up to your shoulders and nuzzled into your upper neck/back of the head area. While you enjoy the warmth and pressure, the rest of your body will be worked on with a deep relaxation oil massage. Your back will also enjoy a good thorough deep relaxation massage and then we’ll flip you over and work on the other side! (Hot Stone Massage – $130 for 1.5 hrs or $95 for one hour)*


Massage with Mind-Body-Soul Energy Balancing – $85 / 1 hr – $120 / 1.5 hrs – $55 / 1/2 hr*

There’s nothing better to soothe your body, mind and soul that this combination of a
Deep Relaxation Massage with Mind-Body Balancing. It will ease stress,
muscle tension and allows a comfortable re-connection with the flow of who
you are. With your body relaxed and at peace, the mind-body balancing encourages your
inner wisdom to connect fully with the inner energy of your body and mind. This gentle
synchronizing of body, mind and spirit helps to dissolve emotional and physical blocks
and re-nourish the body-mind connection. Through left/right side of the body and
left/right side of the brain a gentle energetic reconnection can be made that will allow for
better flow of the way you think, feel and function. By subtly connecting with your innate
heart-mind and asking your body (instead of your brain) what’s going on with it, we can
bring the imbalance into awareness and allow you to heal and harmonize.. (Massage with Mind-Body Balancing – $85/1 hr – $120/1.5 hrs)*


Signature Massage / Energy Healing – $85 / 1 hr – $120 / 1.5 hrs – $55 / 1/2 hr*

lady face up massage or energy med

This unique massage is totally intuitive massage and combines Deep Tissue and Deep Relaxation Massage with Shiatsu (see below), Acupressure/Trigger Point Therapy and Reiki/Energy Healing. We will start by connecting to your higher self and setting an intention. This spiritually channeled energy healing also helps by balancing your body energetically, realigning your body, mind and spirit and is known to help strengthen the immune system as well as bring renewed energy and peace of mind. It can produce amazing results for physical tension or pain (or acute or chronic issues), stress, anxiety, emotional upset and overall deep relaxation and healing. In the very least you will come away with your body feeling totally relaxed and pampered with a sense of peace and well-being. Indulge in this mind body spirit experience. (Signature Massage – $85 for 1 hr or $120 for 1.5 hrs)*


Shiatsu Deep Tissue Massage – $85 / 1 hr – $120 / 1.5 hrs – $55 / 1/2 hr*

Shiatsu is a form of massage which originated in Japan and has recently become popular in North America. Despite what comes to mind for some who think of Shiatsu as a chair massage using fast karate chop hands to tap on your back, the real form of Shiatsu uses powerful, profound yet gentle palm movements and because the motions are slow and deep they are kept in rhythm with your breathing and so therefore it is a very relaxing massage. You’ll begin to feel your muscles succumb like melted butter as your Central Nervous System moves from Sympathetic to Parasympathetic mode in total relaxation.

Don’t be surprised if you fall asleep – but don’t worry the more relaxed, the deeper it goes. No need to take your clothes off for this one – just hop under the covers! ($85 for 1 hr or $120 for 1.5 hrs)*



Massages: Deep Relaxation, Deep Tissue, Signature/Energy Healing and Shiatsu Massage are available by a half hour, one hour session or hour and a half session and can be purchased as a single session or in groups of four for more savings!*

*All gift cards and packages are valid for one year from date of purchase.

Prices for all massages (except hot stone massage):      

$85 for 1 hour$120 for 1.5 hours$55 for 1/2 hour.

Package Prices: Group of 4 x 1 hour = $320 ($80 each = $10 off/session) Group of 4 x 1.5 hours = $440 ($110 each = $10 off/session).*

Pricing for Hot Stone Massage

$130 for an individual 1 1/2 hour session or $95 for an hour session.

Buy a package of Hot Stone Massage sessions of 1 1/2 hour x 4:  $480 ($110/session)*

*All gift cards and packages are valid for one year from date of purchase.

All massages are non-sexual in nature. My services do not replace medical care or advice. Please see your medical physician when in doubt.

To order or for more information, click on the blue contact button on the left, or call or text Sara at 250-203-1669 or email me ! :) You can also use the online booking calendar to set your appointments.

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