Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage – $115/1.5 hrs or $90 for 1 hour*









You’ve never had a Hot Stone Massage like this one! Large West Coast Stones are placed along either side of your spine and used to absorb the heat slowly into your back with medium to firm pressure. Warm oil is massaged all over your body followed by a wipe down with hot wet towels. Relax and enjoy!

So good during the cold winter months! This hour and a half full body massage allows you to enjoy both a massage and a luxurious hot stone treatment! Large West Coast River Stones are heated to just the right temperature and placed on your back all the way up to your shoulders and nuzzled into your upper neck/back of the head area. While you enjoy the warmth and pressure, the rest of your body will be worked on with a deep relaxation oil massage. Your back will also enjoy a good thorough deep relaxation massage and then we’ll flip you over and work on the other side! (Hot Stone Massage – $115/1.5 hrs or $90 for one hour)*

Pricing for Hot Stone Massage

$115 for an individual 1 1/2 hour session or $90 for an hour session.

Buy a package of 1 1/2 hour sessions: 4 for $420 ($105/session)*

*All gift cards and packages are valid for one year from date of purchase.

All massages are non-sexual in nature. My services do not replace medical care or advice. Please see your medical physician when in doubt.

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