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All About Reiki, Energy Healing and Energy Medicine

Energy medicine is a general term for all modalities that are centered around healing energetic therapies, and can include Reiki, guided meditation, chakra balancing, sound vibration therapy, healing crystals and stones and others. In the holistic therapy sense, Energy Medicine is any healing process using energy fields, which cannot be measured with our current technology, but which when focused and properly utilized can lead to subtle or even dramatic healing and balancing experiences. Basically it is purifying and opening up the body’s energy systems in order to allow the body to go back to a restorative state, enabling it to use it’s own innate healing abilities to heal itself. Energy Medicine itself is based on the  fundamental premise that all physical objects (bodies) and psychological  processes (thoughts, emotions, beliefs and attitudes) are expressions of energy.  Therefore, all bodies are believed to be infused with a “subtle” energy or life  force. This life force is known by a variety of terms corresponding to different  traditions. In traditional Chinese medicine it is called Qi (pronounced CHEE),  in the Judeo-Christian tradition it is called Spirit, and in Ayurvedic medicine  it is represented in the Doshas.


Chakras are the energy centers along your body that suck in all energy, positive and negative, from the environment around you and can also hold in genetic or past trauma energy. They collect energy and each one is connected to a major organ or gland system that governs that part of the body. Chakras are similar to but different from Meridiens, which transport vital energy through pathways along the body to their related organs. The seven main chakras are located from the base of your spine (the Root chakra) to the top of your head (the Crown Chakra). The seven chakras are represented by seven different colors and are linked to various emotional and behavioral patterns. Balancing the chakras can strengthen the body as well as the body-mind connection and help with many situations including having better awareness of the way our body and emotions react and the connection we have with others.


Chakras are the energy centers along our body that bring in both positive and negative energy from the environment and people around us. Specific crystals, colours and sound vibrations can be used to harmonize each of these areas.


Energy Medicine with Tuning Forks

Vibrational or Sound energy therapy uses tuning forks to create specific healing sound frequencies that resonate  with the body to promote healing. Music therapy is another type of sound energy  therapy: listening to music has been shown to lower blood pressure and to reduce  pain and anxiety.
At Inner Energy Health and Wellness I practice Energy work using colour and sound therapy to rebalance the body and help restore emotional and physical harmony. Tuning Forks custom designed in Germany are used to resonate on a vibrational level with each of our cells, tissues and organ systems. Techniques are used to cleanse the Aura, balance the Chakras and help with physical ailments. People with Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis have sometimes found tuning fork vibrational therapy to be beneficial in relieving pain in their joints.


Guided Meditation with Crystals

This unique guided vision meditation with colour placements, pendulum, crystal layouts and singing bowls is key in balancing your chakras and re-aligning your energy centers.  Making sure your chakras are spinning properly and not holding on to any negative energy from sources around you including people or the environment you’re in, should be an essential part of everyone’s weekly regime. There are several guided meditations available to help you resonate at a higher vibrational level including: a relaxing journey to help meet your spirit guides, activate your chakra centers, dissolve negative belief patterns and trigger positive changes. Active meditation helps to stir up  cellular memory, invigorating body, mind and spirit.

What does it cost?

A Reiki Energy Healing – Energy Medicine session is $65 for one hour, or $90 for one and a half hours. (4 x $55 hour sessions = $220; 8 x $45 hour sessions = $360).  Contact me!

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