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Emotional Support and Healing is all about having a safe, genuine and nurturing place to come to in order to express yourself and work through what’s on your mind. Deeper healing happens from the inside out and understanding that life’s challenges are often rooted to past events is key to unraveling the mystery and freeing yourself to move forward. Gentle guidance, understanding and support will go a long way to help with healing, letting go and making changes.

We all live in a continuous cycle of Yin and Yang, made up of balance and unbalance: the positive and the negative, the strong and the weak, the passive and the aggressive. We all go through these cycles or stages in our life. Some of us have a tendency towards one extreme or the other, others are simply neutral most of the time, but all of us go through cycles. Emotional unbalance comes into play when one or more factors react together to set us off course for a short period of time or possibly long term, as in chronic unbalance. Besides the most obvious reasons such as our sociology: who we are, where we came from, where we are now, and what we believe in, being off-balance could come from things such as: simple lack of sleep causing a reduced capacity to think and react normally; stress build up from repeated incidents in our daily life; a traumatizing event; our body health; our hormonal and blood-chemistry make up at any given time; and even where we’re at in our spiritual well-being.


a 1 hour Emotional Support and Healing Consultation = $85 or 1.5 hours for $120*or:

Try our recommended TOTAL WELLNESS package 8 x 1 hour sessions @ $75/each sessions = $600* includes the following:

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where does emotional unbalance originate from?

There are so many things that drive us to become emotionally unbalanced. When we become unbalanced, we usually associate it with something in our immediate circumstances that has changed: we’ve put on too much weight; we’ve lost our job; we’re stressed out because of a new work situation; we’ve broken up with our partner; we’ve gotten a divorce; we’ve started raising a family; we’ve lost someone we were close to; we or a loved one has become ill; or the stock market crashed and we’ve lost our security for the future. These all can have a significant impact on our current lives, especially considering that our bodies react physically to what our mind perceives as stress, pressure or fear. However, when we dig deeper, where does emotional unbalance originate from?

we perceive things

This is a question that has been pondered for some time by scientists, psychologists and mothers alike: How can one person react so hysterically to something while another remains calm under the same situation? Along with varying sociological make-up and personality types, the answer may lie in the way that we perceive things. Nature is an amazing phenomenon in which Yin and Yang are constantly challenging and winning over each other. The Universe is made up of this and perfect in every way. We were perfect while we were in the womb and had all our needs taken care of. However, once we were born it was a whole new ball game. Parents took over nature’s job and as we all know, no parent is perfect. So perceiving has been linked to the way we were brought up; how harmonious we felt with our family and environment. We learned how to survive in whatever situation we were thrown in, whether we felt loved or unloved, wanted or unwanted.

our natural instinct is to Love and be loved

Our ultimate goal, our natural instinct is to always come back into harmony and balance, to LOVE and be LOVED. If we can’t feel loved it’s because there is a blockage somewhere. The block could be from a traumatic event or series of events while we were growing up. It doesn’t matter whether it was big or small in reality, it only matters how we perceived it as being. And usually, as a child things seems so much bigger and more dramatic. It might have happened only once or it could have been something that happened to us every day, perhaps at home, perhaps at school. It was most likely something that made us feel scared, frightened, ashamed, rejected, belittled, different, unworthy, overwhelmed or lose trust or faith in others or ourselves. In many cases, by now as we live through our adult lives, we have totally forgotten about these events. However, forgetting doesn’t mean forgiving and these events, which never became resolved, remain stored as an emotional and physical reaction in our bodies just waiting to be triggered.

emotional attachments don’t usually go away as we age

The trigger itself could be happening currently in our lives. It could be something that happens every day or just on rare occasions. Whether the trigger is big or small: a smell; a look; a comment at work; an action such as being late; a scenario that distantly reminds you of something; a confrontation with your spouse or child, it is what triggers the memory in the body and is usually marked by a vague feeling of uneasiness or annoyance. However, we may have as big a reaction as fear, panic or an outburst of anger. We are almost never aware that it’s a trigger from something in our past. We don’t know why we are so over-reactive, but we are. As logical as it seems, and as much as we think we’ve matured, these emotional attachments don’t usually go away as we age. They have to actually be released from the body. For more on this go to The Emotion Code or EFT Tapping / Energy Psychology.

I am here to support your emotional balance

So whether your emotional balance is upset due to current events in your life, or whether you feel there could be deeper roots to your patterns of emotional reaction, I am here to support you 100%. Make an appointment for a free 20 minute consultation and together we can see what will work best for you. Treatment is relaxing and you can choose from one specific type of treatment or a combination of treatment types including: Wellness guidance which is a mild form of sorting through your feelings using mindfulness listening and gentle guidance; Deep Relaxation Massage for gentle and soothing human contact without having to say a word; Chakra Balancing and Reiki Energy Healing Medicine to re-align your energy centres and harmonize your body, mind and spirit; Acupressure to work what may be blocked, congested or weakened in your body/mind and/or spirit along the energy meridians pathways; Guided Meditations or Intuitive Energy Healing to help release what no longer serves you; EFT Tapping / Energy Psychology and The Emotion Code to deactivate (neutralize) the emotional connections we hold in our body relating to demoralizing or traumatizing events in our life. Any or a combination of these therapies can help bring you back to a feeling of balance and well-being.a

1 hour Emotional Support and Healing Consultation = $85 or 1.5 hours for $120*or:

Try our recommended TOTAL WELLNESS package 8 x 1 hour sessions @ $75/each sessions = $600* includes the following:

*All gift cards and packages are valid for one year from date of purchase.

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*All gift cards and packages are valid for one year from date of purchase.

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All treatments, including massage, are non-sexual in nature and are for the purpose of relaxation only. My services do not replace medical care or advice. Please see your Medical or Naturopathic Physician when in doubt.

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