Distance Healing – Remote Intuitive Energy Healing

“Healing starts from the inside and moves outwards. Your higher self already has the answers, but your conscious self and your body may need to catch up. You have come here for a reason, you have made a commitment to your own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being and that is already the first step.”

Distance Healing / Remote Intuitive Energy Healing

Energy medicine or Energy Healing can also be done by Distance Healing. This unique service takes place from the comfort of your own home or wherever you are located. You need a safe, quiet place where you can sit or lay down and time in which you won’t be interrupted.
The way this session works is simply by setting a mutual time and either with or without Skype or the Phone or Messaging, we connect. This works equally as well when we are both focusing but not in direct communication (for example you would just know that at 7 pm that evening I would be working on you remotely – you would sit or lay down somewhere quiet and peaceful and just observe the sensations). This works because Energy is focused remotely and since we are all interconnected energy it works through intent and vibration. The objective is to reach a mind-body-soul balance through Intuitive Energy Healing with Guides and Angels, Reiki, Guided Meditation, Chakra Balancing and/or EFT Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping). Both Physical and Emotional Pain may be relieved as well as body balanced on all levels of being and a sense of peace and well-being instilled.

This completely intuitive Energy Healing session is in demand as no two sessions are ever alike. Profound healing can take place or simply a deep balancing and relaxation sensation. We will be working spontaneously with your highest self and through Archangel Raphael and with other Spirits, Angels, Guides, Resources from the Higher Realms, and Resources from Mother Earth. This type of work is sometimes known as Shamanic or Alchemical work but it just means that we are clearing the body of what no longer serves it and replenishing it with what it does need from wherever we need to take it from.

The session can be as relaxed, silent and laid back as you like (if you just want to close your eyes and observe what’s happening in your body) or it can be more verbal and participative if you want to work on specific issues or understand the process I am taking you through. The more “in tune” with your body and energy, or the more spiritual you are, the more you are likely to “feel” the energy shifting. It can come as a change of temperature (warm or cold) in certain areas or organs of the body, vibrations, sensations, energy movement, colour flashes, emotions, memories, clarity…or just a sense of peace and well-being. However even clients who have never noticed any sensitivity to energy have felt things shifting or just noticed they feel much better during and after the session.

Sometimes the energetic shift takes a few days or even weeks to catch up with the physical transformation, and sometimes it takes several sessions, but many healings, both physical and emotional, have been known to happen and lives changed where they didn’t think it was possible. You might want to consider this if you are in a rut, emotionally, physically, mentally, or spiritually or if you have a chronic or acute condition or simple if you wish to balance and refresh you’re entire being without having to leave home.

What does it cost?

A Distance Healing – Energy Medicine session is $65 for one hour or $40 for a 1/2 hour, or 4 one hours sessions: $55 each / 8 one hour sessions: $45 each.

To order or for more information, click on the blue contact button on the left Contact me!, or call or text Sara at 250-203-1669 or email at  sara@innerenergy.ca ! :) You can also use the online booking calendar to set your appointments.